Hotels in Morni Hills- Panchkula(Haryana)

Morni Hills is in only Hill Station of Haryana, it is in District Panchkula. It is located 45 km from Chandigarh and 35 km from Panchkula. The name of Morni is believed to derive from a queen who once ruled the area. It is around 4000 ft above the sea level. Morni is ideal for a holiday with its cool climate, beautiful natural vistas and myriad opportunities for bird watching, trekking, rock-climbing and other adventure sports.

Dreamway Hotel: Best & Cheap Family Hotels in Morni Hills

Morni Hills is a beautiful tourist spot in Panchkula, Haryana. It is completely surrounded by natural beauty. Hills, mountains and waterfalls at many nearby places. Morni is a village and a tourist attracting place. It lies in Panchkula district. It is located 45 kilometres away from Chandigarh. It is basically known for its beautiful Himalayan view and the attractive flora over there.

When you happen to visit Morni Hills, there are many beautiful and luxurious hotels but among them Dreamway Hotel is the best for you and your family to stay. Family hotels in Morni Hills are quite attractive and affordable too. This is by far the best family hotel in Morni Hill station.

Ranges of Dreamway Hotel Fascilities along with room chanrges

Standard Rooms- This has got two rooms, with fan in it. It has an European plan which is without food is of 1250 INR. The Continental plan with breakfast is if 1550 INR. Modified American Plan has all breakfast, lunch and dinner included in it for 2050 INR . American Plan over here also has breakfast, lunch and dinner all included in INR 2450.

Delux Rooms- This has got two rooms with cooler. In this European plan which is without food is of INR 1600. The Continental plan which is with break fast comes for INR 1900. Modified American plan which comes with all break fast, lunch, dinner is of 2400 INR where as the American plan which also has breakfast, lunch and dinner is of INR 2800.

Super Delux Rooms- It has got two rooms in it with air conditioner in it. The European plan with food is of INR 2100. The Continental plan with break fast is of INR 2400. The Modified American plan which has breakfast, lunch and dinner in it is of INR 2900. The American plan which also comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner is of 3300.

Extra Bed- The extra bed per person is chargable. The European plan is of INR 300. The continental plan is of INR 450 which includes breakfast. The Modified American plan is of INR 700 which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The American plan also include breakfast, lunch and dinner which is of 900 INR.

Extra Meal- The extra meal per person is chargable. Continental plan for the extra meal is INR 150 which includes breakfast, the Modified American plan is of 400 INR which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and the American plan is of 600 INR which also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The facilities over here includes:

  • Parking facility
  • Power Backup
  • Front Desk-24*7
  • Hot and cold running water
  • If required extra beds, towels, linens and beddings
  • LCD
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Rack for Luggage
  • Intercom facility

If you are looking for cheap hotel in Morni Hills, Dreamway is a must stay. You could experience a pleasant stay with us. If you want to book room sinstantly in our hotel, go to our booking section and fill your details an dchoose the room saccording to your budget. You can reach us on: